Friday, February 1, 2008

Never Say Never Dude

LOST Season 4 Episode 1 Review Off Island:
Yikes! LOST's first episode starts off with police chasing a Starsky and Hutch car. Awesome, I love Starsky and Hutch. Hey is this one of those freaky ways LOST starts off a season? Are they introducing a new character and a new twist to the show? This car chase is making the news and guess who's watching the news with a vodka and orange juice? Jack and apparently he recognizes the car. The police get the car to slow to a crash and Hurley gets out with his hands up, tries to run away from the police, yeah right Hurley. When they catch him in three steps, he starts yelling, "Don't you know who I am? I'm one of the Oceanic Six!" What? What the hell is an Oceanic Six?
So this is a flash forward episode. Off island life doesn't seem be to agreeing with Hurley, he's freaking out and wants to go back to the safety and comfort of the looney bin. You know, where he can wear a bathrobe all day, play Connect Four, eat celery sticks and have nurses bring him drugs. He's loving it. Until he sees Dead Charlie. Oh and the creepy guy that pays him a visit while Hurley's playing Connect Four. The Creepy Visitor asks Hurley, "Are they still alive?" and Dead Charlie tells him, "They need you."
Obviously Hurley snapped before Jack. Because Jack came to visit Hurley and said he was thinking of growing a beard. Hurley tells Jack they should go back and Jack says never. "Never say never Dude."

This was an awesome off island episode. Review of on island episode on the way.

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