Friday, February 8, 2008

Put On A Happy Face

I might as well post about another book, maybe I should expand my blogging. Especially with the writer’s strike effecting new episodes. There’s a free DVD and CD! When I leave the comfort of my little office and mingle amongst the public I cross paths with crabby people, more so that happy people. Why is that? Why are people so unhappy, so negative?

The Sedona Method is a course you can take to help you discover happiness. Not a bad idea with us being in the middle of an election year. Marci Shimoff mentions The Sedona Method in her book, Happy For No Reason and she mentions that Mariel Hemingway and herself took the course. It’s in chapter four.

Hale Dwoskin has been sharing The Sedona Method with people around the world since the 1970’s. He says, “At your core you already are the happiness you are seeking in all the wrong places. All you need to do is uncover this natural happiness by letting go of the unhappiness or limitation that appears to be covering it. Or by simply discovering that which is within you which is already free.”

So I will do my part to help spread the happiness wave. I would love to run into happy people throughout my day. They’re the ones that stop and help you when your car is stalled on the side of the road. Don’t get me started with that!

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