Tuesday, February 5, 2008

House was on after the Super Bowl

House Review:
I know I'm late with this. House was on Sunday after the Super Bowl and screwed up my whole little TV world. I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, Diet Pepsi Max was my favorite:

It got the biggest laugh in the living room, but we had to explain it to my mom and dad. Still it was my favorite and a very close second were the E-Trade commercials with the baby. Funny stuff.

Back to House. It was a good episode. House took a case because it intrigued him. The patient was stuck at the South Pole. Awesome. He pulled an Apollo 13 and dumped a box of stuff on a table, telling his team "this is what we have to work with." While video conferencing with the patient, House was also trying to find out who Wilson was dating. House is a puzzle solver what can I say. He loves a challenge. After getting the patient at the South Pole to take off all her clothes, except her socks, for a video exam, getting her to biopsy a swollen lymph node, getting her partner to drink her pee, yes I said drink her pee, then drill a hole in her head, House and his team figure out that she has a broken toe. Uhh Huh, broken toe and the bone marrow is seeping into her blood stream causing all her symptoms. Wow, how do they think this stuff up?

Now let's get to Wilson's new girlfriend. It's Cut Throat Bitch. Wilson prefers to call her Amber. I don't like Cut Throat Bitch. I was totally surprised, but I still don't like her and the previews show she's in tonights episode. Damn.

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Kim said...

House is one of my very favorite shows! I watch it every weekend.