Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Simon Says, Utterly Boring

American Idol Guys Review:
So let's get something straight here. Simon knows the rules of American Idol and doesn't need to be reminded of them from an ungrateful, guitar playing, rockstar wannabe. One of the Davids smarted off at Simon, Simon didn't like that. Simon can tell you, you are horrendous and utterly boring, make you cry and you better just take it and keep your mouth shut.
More about Simon, he didn't like any of the guys last night except maybe two of them. Either did I though, they were utterly boring. The two other Davids were good and so was Chikezie (I checked the spelling on that 5 times). If I were to pick who goes home I would say the two Jasons, only because I don't want Luke or Michael to go yet. Yes, I have a cheat sheet on these names.

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