Saturday, February 23, 2008

Did You Just Totally Scooby-Doo Me?

LOST Review: Kate stayed in Othersville to find out if the people on the freighter 18 miles off shore knew she was a fugitive. She needed to question Ghostbuster Miles and went to the town crier Hurley to find out where he was being held. She got the information from with no trouble at all and he realizes it and says, "Did you just totally Scooby-Doo me?" Awesome, I love Hurley.
This episode was a Kate flash-forward, it consisted of a well recognized Kate on trial for everything, it was a long list and she plead not guilty.
We find out she has a son, Jack testifies at the trial telling the jury that Kate took care of the "eight" people that survived the plane crash. Kate is visibly upset by Jack lying on the stand and tells him to stop. The prosecuting attorney says she only has one question for Jack, "Do you love Miss Austin." Paleeze. He says, "Not anymore." Whatever. Kate's ungrateful mother shows up in a wheelchair to talk with Kate. She says everything changed when she thought Kate was dead and doesn't want to testify.
"Well don't." Kate's pissed.
"I just want to see my grandson."
"Are you trying to make a deal with me? I don't want you anywhere near him."
Ungrateful mom doesn't testify and Kate jumps at a deal of time served, 10 years probation and stay put in the state.
Back on Craphole Island: Sayid, Desmond and Frank never made it to the freighter 18 miles off shore. Jack is more than a little pissed.

Back in Othersville: Kate asks Ghostbuster Miles what he knows about her and he says he will tell her everything he knows if she lets him talk to Ben. Kate goes to Sawyer the con man to arrange some time with Ben. Locke knows Sawyer's complete history yet is conned by him and Kate gets Miles an audience with the almighty Ben. Doh!
Ghostbuster Miles wants Ben to give him 3.2 million dollars to tell the freighter 18 miles off shore that Ben is dead.
Let's stop here for just one minute. How many deals have been struck in these first 4 new episodes of LOST so far? Enough already!
Miles gives Ben one week to get the money. Last time I checked they were both prisoners, it will be interesting to see how they pull this off. Kate drags Miles out of Ben's cell and asks him what he knows and he tells her everything. Locke finds them and now he's pissed. He banishes Kate from Othersville.
Kate, after finally taking a shower, goes to Sawyer, who finally has h
is shirt off, and tells him she's banished. He unbanishes her. And then he starts undressing her. The whole episode Sawyer and Kate go round and round the subject of is she pregnant or isn't she. She is staying with Claire (Charlie who?) and Aaron and doesn't want to hold Aaron, "I'm not good with babies." Just last season you were holding him Kate. In the morning she tells Sawyer she knows she's not pregnant. Sawyer is really happy, really. That pisses Kate off and she says she's going back to the beach. Obviously she knows she's not pregnant because she's PMSing, back off Sawyer! But he doesn't. He yells at her and says she'll be back when Jack pisses her off. Ouch! I think they're broke up now.
Back to the flash forward: After the trial Kate is leaving through the back door. Runs into Jack and asks him to come to her place for a drink. He suggests going for coffee. She looks at him and says, "Until you can accept my son, there's is no coffee for us." She goes home to a very nice house and sees her son in bed waking from his nap. Now get this, the baby boy says, "Hi mommy." And she says, "Hi Aaron." Whaaaa?
I watched this episode twice. So is Claire going to die? What the hell?


Orangeinks said...

We are not sure if Claire would die. One thing is certain though, she didn't make it back. Maybe she's still in the island and just gave Aaron to Kate. The question is who is the other one who made it out? We have Jack, Sayid, Kate, Hurley and Aaron. Who's the sixth? Maybe I missed something. :)

Jason said...

Claire is going to die, or else something bad will happen to her, and Jack will feel responsible for it, which is why he doesn't want to see Aaron (his nephew!). Remember the psychic told Claire she had to be the one to raise her baby? Uh oh...

Louie said...

This is really becoming interesting. I'm cracking up every episode. I need to know who the sixth person who made it back. I'm thinking it would be Desmond.

Natalie said...

This show keeps getting more ridiculous!

bb9insider said...

I read somewhere that we would know all six people who came home by the seventh episode this season.....LOVE this show!

Sue said...

I am pretty sure we will know who the Oceanic 6 are. I've read rumors of who it is, but want to keep my blog spoiler free. I will provide a link to anyone interested You have to join to see the spoiler threads.