Thursday, February 14, 2008

American Idols Torturous Journey

American Idol Review:
While at the new J*O*B my DVR recorded the torturous journey of the Top 24. The DVR however stopped recording at 10:00 pm American Idol didn't. How long do Randy, Paula and Simon need for their power trip that is American Idol? Dear God, the three of them could not give the top 24 a yes or no until they had reduced them to blubbering idiots. I missed the last of the 24 to make it because they need more than two hours to re-cap auditions and drag out their yes and no's.
Paula was very clever last night. She had a woman spell her first name and then note that the word YES was in the middle of it and therefore it's a big YES, you're going through. Is Paula fun to watch or what?


Monique said...

She is not fun at ALL! My goodness. I swear she is one of the main reasons I have a DVR... just to fast forward past her annoying babbling.

However, my DVR cut off right before they picked the last 2 girls. I was so mad!

Sue said...

Yep that's what my DVR did. I had to go search the net to find out which one they picked. It was the plus size model!