Friday, February 1, 2008

LOST Rocked Last Night Dude

LOST Season 4 Episode 1 Review On Island:
We watched a re-cap show right before the new Season 4 episode. A re-cap show walking us through everything that's gone on the last 3 seasons. So how does the new episode start? Previously on LOST - doh! WE HAVE BEEN WAITING 9 MONTHS FOR A NEW EPISODE - GET TO IT!
I had to get that out of my system. The people on the beach and the people at the radio tower are all giddy. Hurley who is on the beach, tells Bernard he wants to do a cannonball into the ocean. He does and when he comes up for air he sees Desmond and his boat coming to chore, this is where chaos ensues. Desmond is all "It's Not Penny's Boat." Everyone is yapping about calling Jack on the walkie talkie. Hurley finally yells, "Where's Charlie?"
This episode was well written and was a fine tribute to Charlie. He was a constant the entire night. Everyone felt bad, they didn't dump him into a grave and barely get it covered before they got distracted with something else.
The beach people decided to meet the radio tower people half-way to keep radio silence. Hurley got lost and ended up at Jacob's Creepy Cabin. Now on the message boards people are saying that Jack's dad, Christian Shepard was sitting in the rocking chair. I have to watch that part again and ask Boy #3, he's my LOST buddy. Hurley also saw someone staring back at him through the cracks in the cabin wall. He ran yelling as only Hurley can and ended up staring at Locke.
Eventually all the Losties meet up in the middle of the jungle, at night by the nose of the Flight 815 plane. Hurley has to tell Claire (who apparently had a haircut at the radio tower) that Charlie was dead.
Jack sees Locke. Jack really hates Locke, that hate goes way back. Jack has a gun to Lockes head and pulls the trigger. I know. But there were no bullets in the gun. Locke will live to fulfill his destiny, whatever the hell that may be.
We end up with the Losties splitting up, those that chose to hid from the "not who they say they are" ship 18 miles offshore with John Locke leading them. And those barreling into the unknown with tunnel vision Jack leading them. I know, not much to chose from, I don't know which one of those guys I'd go with. Probably be looking for plan C.


MyChronicLife said...

I was spellbound by this show. I have a lot to look forward to and can't wait for this rest of this season!

Brain Foggles

Beth said...

I can't wait for the rest of the season. Every episode has a surprise of some kind and it makes you use your brain. I've been addicted since day one. Oh- and I'd go with Locke- Jack has been a pansy for a while now.

Shirley said...

It sure is good to meet another Lost fan. I will drop whatever I am doing to watch this show. Too bad they lost Charlie but Hugo (Hurley)sees and talks to the dead man on Thursday.
Can't wait to see who all left the Island and who chose to stay.

Sue said...

Always glad to meet LOST fans! I sure hope we get some answers this season!

Natsthename said...

It was TOTALLY ROCKIN' and I can't wait for the next one!