Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wrong Song Choice Dawg

American Idol Girls Review:
Let's say it all together now, shall we? "That was the wrong song choice for you." I thought some of the women sound really bad, but not as many of them as the judges thought. The women were much better than the guys. I'm starting to like Ramiele Malubay. Randy, Paula and Simon said she didn't pick the right song, but I thought it was good, it's the song that's stuck in my head today, "Don't Leave Me This Way." Catchy tune.
It was great to see the Irish Chick got her teeth fixed. The Bride of Frankenstein was horrible and frightening. I couldn't understand
Alexandréa Lushington.
My prediction of who will go home is
Alexandréa and Amanda (the frightening one).

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