Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dear God, The Flu Hits American Idol

American Idol Girls Review:
Uh oh, Ryan is telling us that the flu has hit America hard this year and even American Idol isn't immune. So if I was smart and read into that statement I could have avoided the train wreck show and watched the History Channel with the husband. But I'm blinded by the American Idol Season 7 hoopla.

I don't know any of the girls names either, maybe Simon is right, they were forgettable performances. I'm pretty sure the second girl that sang is still back stage crying. Simon can be a real dick. He goes on and on about how bad someone is, Paula goes on and on about having fun, being yourself, song choice, the weather, pretty colors. Randy is the only one that knows when to shut up and that is usually after he tells someone they had a pitch problem.
Out of the 24 performers, I think maybe six of them should feel safe. And I can't even begin to predict who will go home tonight, but if that guy from last night that sang Moon River stays, we will know he sealed the old lady vote.

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