Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Just Happened There on That Dance Floor?

There was a collective 5 second pause after Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks danced their Rumba last night on Dancing With The Stars, jaws dropped to the ground and young children learned about the birds and the bees. And then the applause kicked in.
"Wow! What just happened there on that dance floor?"
"That's the Rumba, huh?"
"I thought the Rumba was about sexual tension."
"There wasn't any tension there, I think they did it."

And let me tell you, Len was pissed. 'Some of that belongs in the bedroom', he says, 'not on the dance floor, it was raunchy.' And you have to imagine that in a proper English accent - priceless.

Friday, April 3, 2009

So Where's Rose and Bernard?

Seriously, what happened to everyone's favorite couple on LOST? Rose and Bernard were last seen running through the jungle avoiding flaming arrows, while flashing back and forth in time. I haven't seen them in Dharmaville, Jack, Kate and Hurley haven't asked about them. Are we to assume they are successfully avoiding the "Others" in the jungle on their own with a bunch of extras that have no lines?
I know it's TV, but people ask questions in real life, but on LOST no one is inquisitive or they are happy with a open ended, off the cuff answer to an important question or they just don't ask. Frustrated!
Juliette is suppose to be a mechanic but she delivers babies and operates on GSW's (gun shot wounds - learned that from ER) on the side. Where the hell is Daniel? Why didn't Sun flash back in time with the other Oceanic 6?

The dull pain in my head, I've now named my "LOST headache".
But at least time travel was explained to us last week, I for one, understand the concept of time travel thanks to Miles and Hurley:

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Dancing With the Stars, Star Studded Extravaganza!

Oh it's back on again. I love this show and don't know why. Dancing With The Stars is going into it's third week and I'm hooked again. But as wildly entertained as I am, I still have to make fun of it.

First of all, we're in season what? 9 ish and I still don't know over half of the stars, like I'm suppose to know a rodeo cowboy. My teenage boys know who Steve - O is, should I be scared? I have to call them when it's Steve - O's turn to dance, they will actually watch Dancing With the Stars with me for that brief moment. Before that the dog was the only one in the house that would watch with me. She is my loyal companion, that dog.
Then, I have to ask the burning question I'm sure you are all wondering. The producers of Dancing With the Stars made the executive decision to have a dance off? Well okay, but does it have to be from the two worst dances? Seriously, what makes them think we want to watch bad dancing, again? Does that make sense to anyone?
So who do I predict to win? Who cares as long as MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY and TONY DOVOLANI don't get kicked off for a while, they're hot. They really, really, really know they're hot too.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Watching Paula Babble

God I missed her. Just watching her babble away put a grin on my face. The episode isn't even over and I have to blog about American Idol. I haven't been paying much attention to this show but now they are down to the top 13 contestants. It's starting to get interesting. The contestant Adam just got done singing and I think Paula had an orgasm. Somebody get her a cigarette. Of course Simon likes no one and Randy calls them all dudes and tells them they were a little pitchy. The new lady sits hunched over with her face to the micro-phone and yells out her criticism. But Paula, dear Paula we're really not sure what she's saying, it's great.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Freakin' White House?

I don't think my heart can take anymore two hour episodes of 24. When I finally had a chance to watch last Monday's double episode I sat on the edge of my seat with my heart racing for, whatever time it takes to watch a two hour show while I fast forward through the commercials. And I thank the Lord above for the ability to record something and fast forward through the cell phone commercial with the four geeks and Chad.
My last post about 24 I had my African bad guys mixed up. For the record, Matumbo is the good guy and Dubaku was the old bad guy, he's dead and now, there's a new bad guy, General Juma. General Juma stormed the White House and has the President, the Presidents daughter, Jack Bauer, Bill Buchanan, our beloved Aaron Pierce, Red from That 70's Show and a whole bunch of extras as hostages. The freakin' White House!? I can't wait to see how Jack Bauer gets them out of this one.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heroes Teenagers

Maybe it's because I'm a mom of teenagers, but are the adolescents on Heroes incredibly annoying or what? I was so happy with the episode last week, it was Claire Free. How many time have I just wanted to smack her upside the head? Countless. And that kid hanging around with Sylar, if I was Sylar I would have cut his brain out long ago. I'm not sure why I watch this show anymore. This week we had Matt and Peter giving commanding stares at military personal because they could both control peoples minds, it looked silly. I have to say I was right at the beginning of the season, Heroes is turning into The 4400.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ohio Connections

Maybe I watch too much TV to write about TV? Let's see......... Monday there's House, 24 and Heroes. Tuesday I watch NCIS and Fringe. Fringe is currently on hiatus, thank God I don't know what the hell's going on on that show. Wednesday, well Wednesday is "holy hour" LOST night. Thursdays Survivor is back on and The Office too. Nothing is ever on Friday's and Saturday's and Sunday I started watching The Amazing Race even though I said I wouldn't. I haven't seen American Idol yet and I don't know what the hell I'm going to do when Dancing With the Stars starts up again in March.
On the last episode of Survivor they voted Candace off, it was only afterward that I found out she was from Ohio, bummer. I'm surprised they voted her and her big boobs off. And we found out that Taj is married to Eddie George, an famous Ohio State football player. I don't know who Eddie George is but the husband does, huh.
Oh and there is a couple from Ohio on The Amazing Race. Go Ohio! I will make a concentrated effort to start posting about these crazy shows and the Ohio connections.

Friday, February 13, 2009

LOST Still Remains a Mystery

Okay Wednesday nights at 9:00pm have become holy hour at my house. Nobody is allowed to talk, the dog gets a special bone that keeps her busy and quiet for an hour and the phone doesn't get answered. LOST is awesome this season. We're getting some questions answered, not a lot but some. Time travel is why we kept seeing weird things on the island.

But just exactly how an entire island can move and the Losties keep moving through time and why the Losties that left have to come back and it will stop and all of them have to come back and how they can actually find the island that has now moved twice and they have to bring back Lockes dead body too, still remains a mystery. But isn't it good this season?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Janeane Garofalo is Ruining 24 and Jack Bauer Still Kicks Butt

We finally get a convincible woman president on TV and her husband gets himself kidnapped by Matumbo the terrorist. The first gentleman is screwing everything up for Madam President. Jack Bauer just got the, ummm, the CP30 devise and saved the world AGAIN and now Matumbo the terrorist is going to send the first gentleman to Madam President piece by piece. Someone is going to get themselves killed trying to rescue whimpy and it better not be Tony. He's come back from the dead twice, another death and I think it might stick.
Since Chloe is my second favorite character on 24, I resent Janeane Garofalo, big time. Her face is on the screen a lot more than Chloe and she's doing Chloe geek stuff. She's ruining the whole world's coming to an end television experience for me. I hate when that happens.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally LOST

After watching the long awaited season premier of LOST season 5, I'm not ashamed to admit my head hurts a little bit. I've seen my share of time traveling television entertainment but this one left me cross-eyed. I couldn't keep up. Where and when the hell are they?
Maybe I was having a hard time keeping up because Sawyer had his shirt off for the entire first hour. Ohhh baby. The guy, Frogurt?, that ended up giving him a shirt is now dead. Proving that there is justice in this world. I have to watch these episodes again, but I'm so stoked LOST is back on again and I fully enjoyed the two hours last night.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Creepy American Idol

This guy grabbed his crotch a few times. It was unsettling. I was creeped out watching American Idol the last couple of nights. It seems there are quite a few characters auditioning to be the doofus that ends up on the seasons grand extravagant finale. I hardly watched much of the episodes, but I saw my share of weirdos. I'm content to wait until they sift through the creepy people.


On a serious note, if any of my readers are also readers/friends of fellow bloggers, The World of Silly Willy and Fluffy, they could use some kind words, as they are going through a family emergency. They are my Aunt and Uncle and my cousin is in critical condition. Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jack's Back

After watching the first four hours of the latest threat to America, I'm hooked! Jack 'Freakin" Bauer is back to save the world whether the U.S government wants him to or not, damn it. Jack is always right and knows what the hell he's doing, when will they learn? Tony is back from the dead to help him, along with Chloe and Bill Buchanan. And that's about it. A rag tag group of four to save the world from impending doom. Awesome.
The only downside for me, so far, is that Janeane Garofalo is part of the cast. Not a big fan of hers. She plays a computer nerd. There was a scene last night where she was investigating a security leak down in the computer basement, alone. I kept hoping someone would discover her and ..... well, put her out of my misery. Didn't happen, maybe next week.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Migration of the Beluga Whale

You know how those animal shows hook ya when you're flipping through the channels, right? I stopped flipping and watched the Beluga Whales migrate. They migrate in the spring but sometimes they leave too early and the ice freezes over again so they get stuck in an opening in the ice. They have to keep surfacing to keep the ice from freezing over. This leaves them vulnerable to the dreaded Polar Bear. Which is a bummer cause the polar bear almost always comes out the victor. At some point I would think one of the Beluga Whales would try to say,
"Guys, I think we're leaving too early, let's wait a week or two and see if the weather changes."
But in this Polar Bear special I was watching, whoever was the Beluga Whale president gave them a thumbs or fin up and said, it was go time. They got stuck and were sitting ducks and I got to watch a Polar Bear wear down a Beluga Whale, drag it out on the ice, begin to chow down until a bigger Polar Bear came along and took over.

I have decided I'm going to watch 24 this season. They're sucking me in again. I have to watch Jack Bauer kick ass and I heard Chloe in an interview yesterday. I can't not watch Chloe, I love her character. I hope it doesn't suck this season.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tracy McCool

While flipping around channels, I happened upon a local commercial with a co-anchor from a local news station. She introduced herself as Tracy McCool. How McCool is that name? I'm sure she was never teased as a child. You can breeze through high school with a name like that.
I never watch local news because I'm a radio talk show junkie and I get my news there. I didn't even know Tracy McCool existed right here in Cleveland on Fox 8.