Friday, January 9, 2009

The Migration of the Beluga Whale

You know how those animal shows hook ya when you're flipping through the channels, right? I stopped flipping and watched the Beluga Whales migrate. They migrate in the spring but sometimes they leave too early and the ice freezes over again so they get stuck in an opening in the ice. They have to keep surfacing to keep the ice from freezing over. This leaves them vulnerable to the dreaded Polar Bear. Which is a bummer cause the polar bear almost always comes out the victor. At some point I would think one of the Beluga Whales would try to say,
"Guys, I think we're leaving too early, let's wait a week or two and see if the weather changes."
But in this Polar Bear special I was watching, whoever was the Beluga Whale president gave them a thumbs or fin up and said, it was go time. They got stuck and were sitting ducks and I got to watch a Polar Bear wear down a Beluga Whale, drag it out on the ice, begin to chow down until a bigger Polar Bear came along and took over.

I have decided I'm going to watch 24 this season. They're sucking me in again. I have to watch Jack Bauer kick ass and I heard Chloe in an interview yesterday. I can't not watch Chloe, I love her character. I hope it doesn't suck this season.


Anonymous said...

I love not having TV. Who's Chloe? :) No, really, I don't know.

Sue said...

Chloe helps Jack Bauer kick terrorist ass! They've save the world about 7 times.
So I guess you're not watching American Idol right now? ;-)