Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally LOST

After watching the long awaited season premier of LOST season 5, I'm not ashamed to admit my head hurts a little bit. I've seen my share of time traveling television entertainment but this one left me cross-eyed. I couldn't keep up. Where and when the hell are they?
Maybe I was having a hard time keeping up because Sawyer had his shirt off for the entire first hour. Ohhh baby. The guy, Frogurt?, that ended up giving him a shirt is now dead. Proving that there is justice in this world. I have to watch these episodes again, but I'm so stoked LOST is back on again and I fully enjoyed the two hours last night.


Ms Terri said...

"Proving that there is justice in this world" <-- LOL!

I just watched the episodes for the second time. I can't figure out the time travel either. Maybe they're all just aging hippies having flashbacks to the 60s! Namaste! ;)

Barako Brew said...

I knew somehow that Frogurt guy wasn't going to last beyond 3 episodes. I mean, that's what quality extras are for. So you can shoot them down with flaming arrows, blow up, or both. :)

Still, isn't this the second to the last season of Lost? I think after season 3 they declared that they will have a 16 episode season, with no replays for 3 more years and that was it. That's going to end after those 3 shortened season.

Well, at least now everything is clear. They're time traveling. .... Or maybe even that isn't clear. :) Hope that Leggy girl in the two piece swimsuit from seasons 1 and 2 comes back for more bikini poses. :)

Connect with your teens said...

I wrote recaps with all the theories and questions that are being answered for episodes 1 & 2

and episode 3

I hope it helps clear things up.

Manz said...

I think that the Island has always been located in an alternate part of the time line - last season explored this a little with Dan having the missile sent, etc.

I think that what is happening now, is that the island is "skipping" and jumping from one point in the timeline to another. When the flashes occur, the people stay in the same "physical" location, but the Island shifts to another part of the timeline.

Confused you even more?

I love the show!!