Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jack's Back

After watching the first four hours of the latest threat to America, I'm hooked! Jack 'Freakin" Bauer is back to save the world whether the U.S government wants him to or not, damn it. Jack is always right and knows what the hell he's doing, when will they learn? Tony is back from the dead to help him, along with Chloe and Bill Buchanan. And that's about it. A rag tag group of four to save the world from impending doom. Awesome.
The only downside for me, so far, is that Janeane Garofalo is part of the cast. Not a big fan of hers. She plays a computer nerd. There was a scene last night where she was investigating a security leak down in the computer basement, alone. I kept hoping someone would discover her and ..... well, put her out of my misery. Didn't happen, maybe next week.

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