Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Just Happened There on That Dance Floor?

There was a collective 5 second pause after Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks danced their Rumba last night on Dancing With The Stars, jaws dropped to the ground and young children learned about the birds and the bees. And then the applause kicked in.
"Wow! What just happened there on that dance floor?"
"That's the Rumba, huh?"
"I thought the Rumba was about sexual tension."
"There wasn't any tension there, I think they did it."

And let me tell you, Len was pissed. 'Some of that belongs in the bedroom', he says, 'not on the dance floor, it was raunchy.' And you have to imagine that in a proper English accent - priceless.


Patricia Rockwell said...

I tend to agree with Len. I prefer to see more dancing and less gyrating.

sant said...

its nice but in this video you will see less dancing & more spinning

VintageGent said...

That i pretty mild compared to some of the Dirty Dancing stuff from 20 years ago. This was much more fluid and less...well...I don't know how to politely say it...but humping canine.