Thursday, October 7, 2010

We're cranking it up again and I'm jumping up on my soapbox too

I want to start up this blog again, but I'm not going to be unrealistic. I'm starting with........
Ladies and Gentlemen.........this is Dancing With The Stars. I get all tingly when the band starts jamming the opening theme song and Tom Bergeron, who was put on this earth solely to host the hell out of Dancing With The Stars, and Brooke Burke, who ummm I don't know what she doing but it isn't hosting, start to announce the "stars" and their more popular than them dancing pro's. I just can't help sitting on my couch with a big grin on my face.
Because Dancing With The Stars has been entertaining me for years. For three hours a week I can sit and block out my job, the bills, the news, the politicians and special interest groups issues. There I said it.
Entertain us you washed up, no named, trying to restart your careers "stars". Keep your agenda's to yourselves, America wants some down time. The minute you start spouting off about your causes, you get voted off, Margaret Cho. Just dance okay. We have news radio, news TV, newspapers, Oprah, the View, the Academy Awards coming at us with opinions, telling us how they think we should think. Leave Dancing With The Stars alone and let us enjoy three hours of TV a week without being made to feel guilty.

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