Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm so stoked, it's rock week!

But first, let's re-cap. And just to mix up the re-capping a little bit, Dancing With The Stars is going to show us the top ten all time favorite dances throughout the years that I guess we were suppose to vote for, nobody told me about it.
Rock week will have to wait because it's a 2 hour show and it's not like we can't, at any given time of the day, look up our favorite dances on YouTube or anything. But I'll venture down Memory Lane with everyone else, what the hell. Just don't tell me that Drew Lachey's dance with Cheryl Burke, Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy is in the top ten. I think what might have turned me off that guy is when he filled in for Samantha when she was on maternity leave, he was almost as bad as Brooke. And I really hated the dance.

"Oh, his dance is number 1? Huh." I get to watch this stupid dance again, wonderful.

Can we start rocking now? Because remember? I'm stoked.

Apparently when you're rocking it out on Dancing With The Stars, fire is involved and lots of it shooting out of stuff. Cool.

I've decided to systematically knock off the stars as I see fit. Jennifer Grey is blowing it and I think it's because she's a diva, I don't have time for diva's. Somebody give her a Snickers. The chubby kid, Kyle is dancing with Lacey Schwimmer, bleh. I think I've mentioned I don't like her. The two athletes are stiffs. Audrina Patridge has one facial expression and that's it, she can dance, but she's not selling it. Who's left? Bristol, she's slightly improving but I think she's gone as far as she can, either she or Kyle should go tomorrow or one of the stiffs. But not my Maks, he and Brandy are the top scorers again!

Hey Heart is going to perform tomorrow night, I'm stoked for Tuesday's show now.

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