Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bring It Like Bruno A Little Harder

Did I call it or what? I'm frigging psychic. Brandy and my Maks got the encore dance, which had to be painful for Len because he doesn't like Maks and Mrs. Brady has danced her last dance. I'm so happy. I sat through the whole show because I'm forcing myself to focus on this blog and Dancing With The Stars is the show I picked to start reviewing again. So naturally the outcome should be the way I want it to be, because it's all about me.
The results show is hard to sit through, half of it is what we saw last night, you know, extreme re-capping. The other half is a menagerie of backstage drama, Brooke Burke's God awful interviews and now, apparently Dancing With The Stars commercials. They are kind of like the old Saturday Night Live commercials but really bad. Kind of like "who wants some more face time" commercials. Oh, Bruno would you like more face time? Great let's have you promote a fake dance video called Bring It Like Bruno A Little Harder. And let's put Mark in it without his shirt so he can show everyone he has a tattoo and Lacey should be in it because she thinks she's hotter than she really is.
Show of hands now, who threw-up a little bit in their mouth after watching that?
We got to see David Hasselhoff in one of these commercials. Thank God because who hasn't seen enough of him? I'm seriously out of the loop because I had no idea who the guest performers were, Shakira? and Jason Somebody. I don't know.
Mrs. Brady tried to make us cry when she got kicked off but we're just not buying what she's been trying to sell. And what's wrong with her mouth? It's like she's always chewing gum or her dentures don't fit right.
With her gone I feel the show has righted itself now and is back on track, we should be able to enjoy the rest of the season. The ick factor is gone.

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