Monday, October 18, 2010

Re-Capping the re-capping.....again

About 15 minutes into Dancing With The Stars, I realized, "Hey they're re-capping..... again." Like I said before nobody does re-capping like Dancing With The Stars. It's Extreme Re-capping. And it's usually done on the kick someone off Tuesday night show, so imagine my surprise when they started re-capping tonight on the Monday show. I could have finished my dishes.
Tonight is TV show theme night, dancing to television shows songs. I was so surprised when Mrs. Brady danced to, wait for it............... The Brady Bunch Song, huh....isn't that somethin'? Who saw that coming? Who saw Greg Brady coming? Ewwwww. The Brady Bunch was a joyful, playful, wholesome part of my childhood and Florence Henderson has crushed it, stomped on it and has me ready to throw up. Please whoever is voting for her......STOP! Stop for so many reasons, like the way Corky is jerking her 76, not 74, Jesus Christ her 76 year old body around the dance floor, something is going to break. One week she's telling us she's dancing for her dear departed husband and then this week she's telling us about the huge crush Greg Brady had on her and she's not telling us if anything happened between them. Huh? Gross. Decide on what angle you want to play the audience with Mrs. Brady. I don't know about anyone else but slutty grandma's not working with me.
After the first half hour the show actually started and started well with Brandy and Max, they had the highest score of the night then Florence and Crorky danced and they seemed to have changed the course of the show some how, it just felt off the rest of the night. We might be able to blame Brooke Burke for some of it, because she really sucks and it's becoming more and more apparent as the weeks go by. You can tell in the faces of her victims/interviewees, she's clueless and is starting to make them look bad.
Lacey Schwimmer is pissing me off and Len as well, he gave Kyle and her a 5, love you Len! Knock her down a peg. She's just not as hot as she think she is.
Jennifer looked totally pissed that she didn't have the highest scores of the night. The rest of the way is going to be interesting. Last season we all knew who would win, this season it seems to be up for grabs.
More re-capping tomorrow night, oh joy. I think Brandy and Max will get the encore dance and that will piss Jennifer off so it might be worth watching.

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