Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's kick someone off Dancing With The Stars

First of all, thank you Len for picking Jennifer Grey for the encore performance and not Mrs. Brady, Dear God thank you. All Dancing With The Stars fans know that this show, they are the re-cap masters. They re-cap re-caps, you can't miss anything if you try.
The "fill in the rest of the hour" entertainment, you know, when they aren't re-capping, were the Goo Goo Dolls, who weren't bad, but I only knew one of their songs. I'm seriously out of the loop band wise because Florence and The Machine performed. Who the hell is she? Was it just me or did she sound awful? I don't think it was just me.
And am I the only one that hears Macy's Stars of Dance to perform after the break, that goes to take their contacts out, make coffee for the morning, pick out what to where to work the next morning and get my jammies on? Is that just me too or are they a total bore to you too? I sat through it tonight because I'm trying to dedicate myself to my entertainment blog, throw myself into my art and stuff.
The Situation got kicked off, like I predicted and I'm really not going to miss him. But maybe he should have done his boobs move earlier in the show, he might have received more votes. Mrs. Brady lives to dance another week, risking a broken hip and my Maks is still up in the top three. Squeee!


Me-Me King said...

Thanks for the review, now I don't have to sit through it. I can watch American Picker instead. Yea! Well, bless The Situation's little pigeon-toed heart. I thought he gave DWTS a the edge it was missing.

Sue said...

Me-Me my husband loves American Picker! You are the first one to comment on this blog since I started it up again. Thank you.