Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get right on out of here. Are you kidding me?

The two lowest scoring couples are safe, great. Jennifer Grey is in jeopardy and she pretends to faint, please diva. You're so pissed that you need Dancing With The Stars to try to jump start your career again that you are really starting to annoy me, I love Dancing With The Stars, stop ruining it for me. I saw you on the last episode of House, you weren't that great.
Heart! Barracuda! Awesome! Yeah, they're older now but they still sort of got it.
Kyle should stop talking so much and Lacey's attitude is getting on my last nerve, I hope they go this week. Really Kyle, stop talking.
Brett Michaels, why do we keep seeing this guy everywhere? How did he all of a sudden get popular and I hate that headband. I think that hair is attached to it and he's totally bald. Someone ask him to go swimming. Apparently he and Alice Cooper and some other guy are qualified to analyze the dances because it was rock week. Alice freaking Cooper watches Dancing With The Stars? Holy Crap. I guess I have now seen everything.
Macy's Stars of Dance, meh. Bathroom break.
Kylie Minogue, yet another guest is performing. Who the hell is she? And what the hell is going on behind her? Some kind of psycho musical chair dance with creepy dancers in long speedo swimsuits. Let's just get on with it already and tell Kyle and Lacey to go home, dance their last dance. He's sandwiched between Audrina and Jennifer of course he's going home. No. WTF? He's safe?
That means somebody better than half the couples left is going home an upset. Len says it's nonsense, damn right Len. "Go home Jennifer, Go home Jennifer", I started to chant. But no, it's Audrina. I have no idea who she is but she didn't deserve to go home yet, Tony's pissed.
It's time to separate the men from the boys voters!


Relax Max said...

WTF? This blog is still active? I thought you worked?

Well, I don't know Audrina, either. I wish it had been Kyle, too. Ah, well. The two jocks shuffle around like zombies, but will stay since all pro athletes have many fans. I ate in Alice Cooper's warehouse-cum-restaurant in Phoenix once while waiting for a Coyotes hockey game to start across the street. He didn't join us though. He was probably back in the kitchen watching Dancing with the Stars. I'm guessing all the tea party folks are voting for Bristol, else she would already be back in Alaska gutting fish again by now. My money is on the skinny black singer with one name. I'm with you on wishing jennifer's neck screws fall out in the middle of the dance floor next week.

Well. This is some blog you have breathed new life into here.

Sue said...

Relax Max you are a Dancing With The Stars Fan? Awesome!
I do work, but I hate my job. I want to become a writer, therefore I must practice.

Relax Max said...

Well, you have to write longer stuff than that comment if you want to be a writer. :)