Monday, November 1, 2010

The 200th Episode Frigging Extravaganza

Holy Crap! We're starting at the end. For years I have watched Derek Hough nervously tap, tap, tap, tap his dancing partners shoulder during the judging and interviews to the point that I want to smack him, hard. Tonight Diva Grey snapped, she smacked his hand away and said. "STOP IT!" Finally.
You'd think someone would have said something by now. You'd think he would have seen it on a re-cap. It isn't like they don't ever replay anything.
There were team dances tonight with team captains, because it was a extravaganza you know. There were stars from all the previous seasons. Star judges, who thought very highly of themselves. All the individual dances were remakes of popular dances. The hell? Every week it's a different theme or twist. The show is great, stop fixing what isn't broken.
I didn't take notes during the star studded extravanganza for several reasons. We got a new TV and for some reason we have to use two remotes, that's so 1990's. I couldn't get the right channel on and panicked.
"Boy #2! Boy #2! Fix the TV! Dancing With The Stars started."
"Fix the TV. The TV! Put Dancing With The Stars on!"
"Oh." He then went on to explain what went wrong and I told him to shut up so I could watch. I have no patience when I'm sick, that's my other reason for no notes. And also the dog decided to snuggle up to me on the couch. Unconditional love baby, she don't care about no stinking blog.
Brandy and Diva are tied for first and Bristol Palin is in last place. Bristol should go home tomorrow. But she seems to have a huge fan base and that's saying a lot in Hollywood. America is speaking up finally.

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