Monday, November 8, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Insta Dancing and all that messing about

Honest to God I can't tell if Kyle and Lacey are dancing well because I can't stop looking at Lacey's mess of a dress. What the hell's going on with it? It's indescribable. First of all it makes her look 67 pounds heavier. They are now the chubby couple. Seriously, he hasn't lost any weight and she looks like she's gained, well 67 pounds. Maybe it's my new TV.
Diva Grey is next and it appears we are going to hear about how her body is falling apart. Really? Wouldn't it be great if people stopped voting for her and put her out of her misery? Dare to dream. OMG, enough already, a doctor visits during practice and tells Diva that her knee is ripping apart. Her father, Joel Grey, huh, he's still alive, stops by practice and tells her the show must go on. And she tells us she must dance for her daughter. She's covering all the bases. Florence Henderson tried that Jennifer. Of course the judges love her and we get to see a replay of rehearsal where she miserably limps off the dance floor. Are we watching a woman fall apart on live television or an Oscar winning performance?
Kurt and Anna, he's so charming. He's not going to win and knows it. I've decided I like him and will be sad when he leaves.
While these dances are going on the couples that have already danced are practicing for their instant dance. The next stupid twist this season. They don't get their music until after their last dance and have 20 minutes to put the dance together, they just know what kind of dance. All the makings of a train wreck.
Kurt and Anna get all 8's, third place so far. But Bristol still has to dance. She's getting her freak on and tied with Kurt. Mark and Bristol make it back to be painfully interviewed by Brooke Burke. They pick their music and, this is awesome, walk away from Brooke's outstretched arm with the microphone she holds onto for dear life, just dangling in mid air. And she continues to smile.
Ah Maks, oh and Brandi too. They dance an awesome waltz and the judges love them. Almost a perfect score, 29, they are in the lead.
So now we have the instant dance and I don't know if I'm going to like all this messing about. But as it turns out they're really good. Good enough that Derek and Diva get a perfect score and amazingly Diva is jumping up and down on the ripped up knee, she's such a trooper.
Kurt and Bristol give a great effort but they get the lowest scores of the night. Maks and Brandi do the Cha Cha, but start off sitting on the steps and this sends a bug up Carrie Anne's butt. She and Maks go at it talking at the same time so I don't know what either of them said but I think Maks won. He got the last word in back during the Brooke Burke interview, after they got their score which tied them with Diva and Derek.
I'm looking forward to Dance Center tomorrow and hopefully the Macy's dancing people will stay home.

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