Friday, November 19, 2010

I can't believe I just wrote that

I've made up my mind. I've thought about this all week. Dancing With The Stars is my very best source of mindless entertainment. I can put the show on and be wildly entertained, forget the world around me; work, the global warming scam, the threat of the U.S. economy coming to a crashing halt, the Iranians nuking us and what to wear to the Christmas party.
Somehow, somewhere, sometime, somebody ruined my favorite show. It's obvious the judges are bias and trying to steer the show into predetermined direction. I understand they are judges but they don't have to be rude, Bruno. I'm tired of the same guy, Derek, making it to the finals every season. I can't stand Lacey, she's full of herself and Mark is almost as annoying as Derek. I watch the show because the dancers have become my stars. I barely know who these stars are half the time they are introduced season after season.
This season burst my Dancing With The Stars bubble. So 'Show' get it together next season. I know you've lost fans this season, I read the message boards. Think about this, really think, what "star" is going to want to be on Dancing With The Stars after this season? What "star" is going to want to devote months of busting their asses, risking injury to be ridiculed and given the shaft for ratings? Seriously, they have better ways of jump starting their careers that are a lot easier. They can admit a drug problem and go into rehab, write a book about their broken childhood, drive drunk, relapse and go back into rehab.
Please bring back the show I use to love'
What did I make my mind up about? I won't be watching the season finale. And I can't believe I just wrote that.

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