Monday, November 15, 2010

It's the Dancing With The Stars Sob Story Episode

It appears Maks and Carrie Anne have kissed and made up or were told to shut up. The Latin dances are first tonight on Dancing With The Stars and the stars have to dance a little solo during this first dance. Brandy and Maks received all 9's. Which was fair, their dance didn't seem to have that wow factor. Come on Maks step it up, it's the semi-finals and you've never won the giant mirror ball trophy. I'm disappointed, especially since Diva and Derek got a perfect score of 30. I'll have to admit, it was a pretty good Cha-Cha and we saw no crying or limping so far. What angle is she going to play this week?
I'm totally expecting Bristol to crack under pressure and suck, but look at her go, she's so cute. All 9's? Tied with my Maks? I'm nervous. The chubby couple is next, jeez it's got to be my new TV. Everyone looks heavier. It's HD, LED wide screen something, it's bothering me more than a little bit.
Okay, now we're getting ready for the ballroom dances but first before every dance we get to see an up close and personal package of "who's gone through the most drama in their life" nonsense. Cry me a river. They are playing with our emotions and toying with us. Can't they just dance? Kyle has absolutely no drama to dwell on, try as he might he can't compete with being accused of murder, being called an unwed slut or having a broken neck. They showed us some run down apartment buildings that he probably didn't live in.
Brandy and Diva both received perfect scores, Bristol is in last place.....again.
I think the judges have anointed Diva the chosen one and I'm scared for Maks. Bristol doesn't belong in the finals but I think she'll be there. I'm thinking Brandy or Kyle will go and that's a shame.


Relax Max said...

You have to have an HD tuner. Cheaper to just let them look fat. You'll get used to it.

Me-Me King said...

Ahahaha, the chubby couple. No, it's not just your TV.