Monday, October 11, 2010

Mrs. Brady and Corky do the Rumba

And half of America went blind. Seriously, my eyes hurt and I'm quite certain by morning I'll have lost use of them. Why? Because I just saw Mrs., 74 year old, Brady straddle Corky on the dance floor.
59 minutes into Dancing With The Stars I became frightened. The dances being performed tonight were the Argentine Tango and the Rumba. "What if Mrs. Brady is doing the Rumba?" I asked myself. And then I asked myself again, "What if Mrs. Brady is doing the Rumba?" I didn't pay attention to her costume in the opening ceremony. I wandered around my living room, paced, rang my hands together and broke out into a cold sweat. "What if Mrs. Brady is doing the Rumba?" 15 minutes later my fears were confirmed, Mrs. Brady is doing the Rumba.
They showed us Corky and Mrs. Brady's "warm up package" you know the footage of them rehearsing. Rehearsing what would be appropriate and not appropriate, they even brought their kids in to supervise. That's when we got to see Mrs. Brady grab Corky's butt.
Oh God.
They are actually coming back from commercial to do the Rumba and I watched it. Kind of like you would watch a train wreck, I had one eye closed, so maybe that one will be save, I don't know.
I can't even remember their scores, they were low and the judges were almost speechless, but they weren't the lowest. I don't expect her to go home tomorrow. Probably "The Situation" whoever he is, will go. All he did was throw Katerina around and catch her.
I don't care if Mrs. Brady sticks around, she's already ruined part of my childhood, I just hope I don't witness her break a hip.

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