Monday, March 23, 2009

The Dancing With the Stars, Star Studded Extravaganza!

Oh it's back on again. I love this show and don't know why. Dancing With The Stars is going into it's third week and I'm hooked again. But as wildly entertained as I am, I still have to make fun of it.

First of all, we're in season what? 9 ish and I still don't know over half of the stars, like I'm suppose to know a rodeo cowboy. My teenage boys know who Steve - O is, should I be scared? I have to call them when it's Steve - O's turn to dance, they will actually watch Dancing With the Stars with me for that brief moment. Before that the dog was the only one in the house that would watch with me. She is my loyal companion, that dog.
Then, I have to ask the burning question I'm sure you are all wondering. The producers of Dancing With the Stars made the executive decision to have a dance off? Well okay, but does it have to be from the two worst dances? Seriously, what makes them think we want to watch bad dancing, again? Does that make sense to anyone?
So who do I predict to win? Who cares as long as MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY and TONY DOVOLANI don't get kicked off for a while, they're hot. They really, really, really know they're hot too.


Patricia Rockwell said...

Yes, keep Maksim on as LONG as possible! Why, oh why, is he engaged to Karina Smirnoff? I love DWTS too! The "stars" come from so many different areas (I don't know Steve-O either or the rodeo guy). But that's the idea! Now maybe teenaged boys and rodeo fans will learn to love ballroom dancing!

Sue said...

Patricia! I guess we spoke too soon! Max is gone I can't believe it. I put the last 2 minutes of the "kicked off" show on just in time to see him get the axe.

Ms Terri said...

Dancing With the Stars is my guilty pleasure!

I agree with you about the dance off -- why would we want to see the worst dances again? I think the producers may be realizing it too.

I think Cheryl is going to win -- again. She's an incredibly talented choreographer, but it doesn't seem quite fair to the other pros that she wins as often as she does. Oh, well. I do love watching her dances and the way she brings out the best in her partners.