Friday, February 13, 2009

LOST Still Remains a Mystery

Okay Wednesday nights at 9:00pm have become holy hour at my house. Nobody is allowed to talk, the dog gets a special bone that keeps her busy and quiet for an hour and the phone doesn't get answered. LOST is awesome this season. We're getting some questions answered, not a lot but some. Time travel is why we kept seeing weird things on the island.

But just exactly how an entire island can move and the Losties keep moving through time and why the Losties that left have to come back and it will stop and all of them have to come back and how they can actually find the island that has now moved twice and they have to bring back Lockes dead body too, still remains a mystery. But isn't it good this season?

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Bee said...

I get so angry and yet I can't stop watching it!