Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bourne Identity and Light Beer

Finally the husband and I are going to see Bourne Identity. Very rarely to we agree on a movie or television show. About three months ago we saw Bourne Ultimatum was on. “It’s a trilogy, but I think that’s the first one.” I said. About five minutes into the movie we discovered I was wrong. The husband changed to the history channel and I went on the computer. So much for our evening of a movie, popcorn and a beer. We’re trying it again tonight.

Since that last movie night the husbands become a diabetic. “Can you have beer?”

“I don’t know. Probably light beer.”

Off to the internet I went in search of how a diabetic and light beer go together. The answer is, in moderation. That’s always the answer. I did find a contest/survey during my search. Everyone who answers all 10 questions will be entered for a chance to win a $300 Amazon gift card. To start the survey, text the word beer to 247365. So you have to do this on your cell phone. I’m going to have to have the boys help me with this, they’re a little more cell phone savvy that I am.

I’ll let you know how a movie, popcorn and a beer night go with a Bourne Identity review. We borrowed the trilogy from our brother-in-law, so we’re looking at three weekends of movie nights in a row!

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