Thursday, March 27, 2008

Results Shows

Dancing With The Stars Review:
Well, not a review. You have to pay me the big bucks to sit through either Dancing With The Stars or American Idol's results shows. Big bucks baby. I don't have that kind of time to waste.
I missed the entire two hours of Dancing With The Stars Tuesday night, but did I call it or what? Penn Jillette is done and so is Monica Seles.

American Idol Review:
But not really a review. Again, I have things to do. But I did have it on and sat down from time to time. Unfortunately I caught the new part of the show where Ryan and his computer pull up questions from the internet. Ryan randomly picks a painful amount of questions for either the contestants or judges, who bumble through the stupid answers. I can not think of one question I would want to ask anyone on that show, that I thought I would get an honest answer to.
Last night Paula was gloveless and Syesha, Chikezie and dread-lock Jason were in the bottom three. I was surprised that Kristi Lee Cook dodged the bottom three bullet and so was she. In the end poor Chikezie got the ax, I thought he was doing so well. I guess it does all come down to song choice. Right?

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