Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why Amanda is Still on American Idol

Thursday we said goodbye to Kady, Luke, Danny and Asia'h. Narrowing American Idol down to the final 12. I knew Luke would go, because he was awful, sorry Luke. I thought Amanda would go too. She's not going anywhere. There is a site that picks the contestant that they think is the worst and encourages everyone to vote for her or him and they have picked their "worst" to be Amanda. They try to see how far they can get them into the season. I've decided not to link to them. I feel bad for Amanda.
Changing the subject. I would totally wear those jeans if I had a pair. I wonder where I could find a pair of those.


Melo said...

The problem I noticed with Amanda was her performance last week was BORING and I felt she wasn't in the mood to sing. :(

Brian Fitzpatrick said...

Amanda is there because she's different than everybody else. But honestly she's a one-trick pony. I think blonde country girl is going home for sure this week, but hesitate to guess who else goes.