Friday, March 21, 2008

LOST Episode 8: Meet Kevin Johnson

LOST Season 4, Episode 8 Review:
Uhhhhh..... okay this episode was mostly flashback. Of Michael aka Kevin Johnson, Ben's "man on the boat". Sayid confronts Michael and says, "How did you come to be on this boat?" And we went to one long flashback. Michael is trying to kill himself, because he's wracked with guilt, oh and a murderer. He drives his car into a wall and survives, wakes up in a hospital, hears a nurses voice and sees Libby talking to him while holding blankets in front of her. That was pretty creepy. Since he's already killed her.
Michael buys a gun at a pawn shop, goes to a back alley to shoot himself in the head and Tom/before he was dead Tom, shows up, you know in Manhattan and I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation why he's not on the island, really. But he tells Michael the Island won't let him die, well of course it won't, duh! Tom wants Michael to redeem himself and save the island from the freighter 18 miles off shore. Michael agrees to this after his fully loaded gun misfires twice while trying to shoot himself in the head. Michael goes to Tom's penthouse room and we find out that Tom is a big ole gay guy. Tom tells his gay lover to take a walk and gives Michael his new passport, "Meet Kevin Johnson."
So we come back to Sayid and Desmond questioning Michael and Sayid drags Michael to the captain and tells the captain everything. Now at this point I'm just going to see where this goes. I don't know if I should yell at Sayid or applaud him. Because I have no idea who the good guys are.
Speaking of Ben, he tells the Locke followers that as soon as the freighter people capture him they will kill everyone on the island. When alone with Alex, Karl and Danielle, Ben tells them they have to leave, get far away from here and here is a map. It's to the temple where the rest of "our people" are. Off they go to the Temple, they stop for a two minute rest. Alex and Karl sit to have a drink of water, they hear gunshots, Karl sees a hole in his water bottle then Alex sees a hole in Karl, he's fall over dead. Alex freaks out and Danielle grabs her, "We have to run, I love you Alexandra." she says. They run and Danielle gets shot. Alex is sitting there scared to death raises her hands and says, "I'm Ben's daughter, don't shoot." That's how it ends. I'm thinking Ben set them up to get rid of Karl and Danielle, but who knows. And we have to wait a month to find out. It's very tiring being a LOST fan, isn't it?

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