Friday, March 14, 2008

Survivor Micronesia: Episode 6

Survivor Micronesia: Episode 6, I think Review:
Maybe I'm just getting tired of Reality TV or I'm in a mood this week, wait what's the date? The 14th, yep, I'm in a mood. But last night Jonathan had to leave the show because of a raging infection from his knee injury. He cried like a baby. Kathy was sobbing. "We need you. We need you."
Can we get on to the Immunity Challenge please?
Since we have the Fans and the Favs mixed up I will be referring to them by the Purple team and the Orange team this week because I'm in a mood. Chet's team lost, Chet's team always looses, Chet's is a hindrance of great magnitude. Chet's team finally voted him out. Chet just about begged them to vote him out.
Here is the video of the Tribal Council Vote.
It's pretty boring, you can see who everyone voted for and what they said. Some of them draw pictures and you have to watch that too, but once in awhile I like to see who voted for who. I trying to figure out why some of them voted for Eric, his so called alliance I mean. I would vote for Eric, he's whiney and annoying. But Tracy did. And while I have Tracy brought up is it just me or is her left nipple way off to the side to much? I just stared at her nipples the whole time she was on the screen thinking, "That left one ain't right."
Oh and Jason went to Exile Island and found the fake Immunity Idol and he's so stoked thinking he has the real one. Chet went with him but just layed on the beach like a washed up dead fish.

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