Thursday, March 20, 2008

American Idol's Top 10

American Idol Review:
So I thought it was the top 12 that went on tour..... my bad.
The show opened with the remaining 11 Rock Star wanna-be's singing a medley of The Beatles songs. It kind of reminded me of The Brady Bunch musical performances. Really makes me mad at myself for watching it again, I know I said I wouldn't. The husband worked late and I had total control over the TV, I couldn't help myself. I watched the agonizing, torture they put these people through.
The bottom three this week were Kristi again, Amanda the rocker chic that can't wait to sell out a bar and Carly. Everyone is surprised by Carly, I'm not. They panned the audience when Carly was singing Tuesday and pointed out her husband. He's a walking tattoo. She has a bunch too. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but your asking voters who made Taylor Hicks an American Idol, to vote for a tattooed rocker. I don't see it happening. Amanda the aspiring bar singing was voted out. I'm surprised because she's the one that the site I posted about picked her to vote for thinking she is the worst and trying to screw with the system. Kristi Lee Cook gets to sing again. *roll eyes here*


Connie said...

Kristi vs. Amanda - I mean come on! Kristi is so awful I can't stand to hear her sing.

And ditto on the Brady Bunch opening. I'd love to know if Paula choregraphs them LOL!

Sue said...

I really expected Kristi to go too. Actually I've been expecting it every week! LOL!