Monday, March 17, 2008

LOST Episode 7: Ji Yeon

LOST Episode 7, Season 4 Review:
Holy Crap, Michael is Ben's man on the boat. Not that I'm surprised, but what the hell's going on? Sayid and Desmond play it cool and don't blow his cover.
Juliette successfully gets Sun off the pregnant woman killing island, because we see Sun giving birth in a flash forward. She is referred to as one of the Oceanic Six. During Suns flash forward we see her in labor and calling out for Jin. In separate scenes we see Jin buying a stuffed panda bear and frantically trying to get to the hospital. But Jin was having a flashback, he bought the stuffed panda bear for a business associate of Mr. Paik's. Hurley shows up in Suns flash forward and he and Sun take the baby to Jins grave site. Damnit. They almost had me crying. Jin's dead, don't know why, don't know how.
On the island, Sun wants to go to the Locke camp. Juliette tells her she has to get off the island within 3 weeks or she will be dead. Sun doesn't trust her, she and Jin get a map from Kate. Juliette is really adamant that they stay and tells Jin that Sun had an affair. Uh oh! Jin understands more English than he can speak and clearly knows the word affair and who's the baby's daddy.
Jin goes fishing with Bernard. What else would you do when you're stranded on an island and you find out your wife has been unfaithful? Bernard rambles on about marriage and love and yada, yada and ends up talking sense into Jin. Realize what a dick he was when he and Sun were married, so he forgives her and she assures him he's her baby's daddy.
So if we are counting Aaron as one of the Oceanic Six, then we got all six of them accounted for. Jin's dead, Claire has to be dead and some of them are still on the island, don't ya think?

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