Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Million Dollar Password Baby

So what's a network to do with all this free time on their hands waiting for the new episodes to start up again in January? Trot out an old game show with a million dollar price tag on it, of course, duh. And ever so gently wheel out Betty White to guess words like she did back in the day. Betty White is my favorite "senior" actresses, but I feared for her life after watching Million Dollar Password last night. She was totally into it, racking up points for contestants but there were so many bells and whistles, buzzers and beeps, lights flashing and dimming, I thought she would go into cardiac arrest.
Dear God bring me a new episode of LOST already.


Hey Shae! said...

LOL Sounds like Betty White was enjoying herself.

Happy New Year Sue!

Karen said...

Darn! I was thinking she should be on that show. I missed it!

Sue said...

Hey Shae! Happy New Year to you too!

Karen you should be able to watch the episode online!

Anonymous said...

Sue: I always got Bette White and Bette Davis confused. I thought for a moment you said Bette Davis, but then realized she has to be dead, although after I thought about it, I realized I probably had thought Bette White was until you wrote this. Anyway, my brain is hurting now. ;)

Sue said...

UR - Bette Davis has assumed room temperature long ago. Betty White is still kickin'. It's the weekend, turn off some of those brain cells.