Sunday, December 28, 2008

Omarosa Wanna Be

Oh look! I have another blog. I don't know if I think this blog is going to write itself or what? I celebrated my 500th post over at Farvel Cargo, my "other" blog, at the rate I'm going with View of Sue it will be about 2012 when I reach that here.
I had planned to blog about the Survivor Finale and how happy I was that Bob won, but that and the Omarosa wanna be are old news. If you are a Survivor fan you know of who I speak when I say an Omarosa wanna be. And she will not be mentioned by name on this blog, ever. If you have to be that mean for money, you deserve the bad karma that life is going to throw at you. Nuff said.
Hopefully my head will stop spinning after baking all those cookies for Christmas long enough to post regularly. I swear if my hand mixer shows it ugly face to me again I will kick it to the street.

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Ellen said...

LOL LOL LOL LOL are so funny!!! By the time I finished baking on Tuesday night of last week I felt the same way you do about the mixer. But in about a month I'll be okay again and find something to make.
Regarding Omarosa wanna be...Omarosa was bad enough, I can't even imagine someone being anything like her.