Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shirtless Sawyer

Instead of sitting in front of my computer tonight I plan on sitting in front of my television watching my LOST DVD's. The wait for the new season is starting to get to me. I'm jonesin' for some Sawyer, shirtless preferably. And by the looks of the promo commercials he seems to have his shirt off quite a bit. Shirtless is how we last saw him at the end of season 4. So perhaps I will start with season 1 and fast forward to all the Sawyer scenes. I don't want to rush through the blessed holiday season but I can't wait for January 21, 2009!


Beth said...

Oh Sue, you're a gal after my own heart! As far as I'm concerned, LOST should be called "The Sawyer Show." And the more shirtlessness, the better. :D

Running mommy said...

Isn't he great?! I like him much better than that know-it-all Jack. I wish he would keep his shirt on, pun intended.