Friday, September 26, 2008

Ladies and Gentleman, this is Dancing With The Stars

The Star Studded Extravaganza that is Dancing With The Stars has begun. WooHoo! Although I'm at a loss as to who over half of the "Stars" are, this show still entertains the hell out of me. Max is back this season, thank you God. Tony is partnered up with the skinniest woman "Star" this year, I guess after having to hoist the beefy broad around last season it was owed to him. Ted McGinley was voted off second, he's the guy from Married With Children. I can tell him why he was voted off, here you go Ted: he was trying to appeal to Joe Six Pack, "I'm just a regular guy who sits on the recliner and drinks beer, I just wanna show these guys we can dance. " Duh.... whatever. The problem is Joe Six Pack ain't watchin'. Trust me, I'm married to one, he'd rather chew aluminum foil. In fact, when Dancing With The Stars first came on, he got up from his recliner and said, "Where's the aluminum foil?" And then he disappeared. Nice try Ted.
And then there's Cloris Leachman. Dear God voters, you know you're voting for her for all the wrong reasons. You're going to feel bad when she falls down and can't get up. She was funny the first night, but the Alzheimer's routine is going to get old fast. Just keep her around a couple more week's and then that's it and I mean it, really.


Karen said...

I love it! Great post. My husband tries to watch, just to be nice, but he can't take it for too long. LOL

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

I love DWTS and I agree, I look at most of the 'stars' and am like, "Who are you again?" LOL

Ellen said...

I love DWTS and it's one of two shows I watch each week - Brothers and Sisters is the other one. My favorite pro dancer on DWTS is Max. Oh my gosh!!!! He is just hot!!!! My favorite celebrity is Lance Bass. I liked him when he was in the boy band. I know...I know...but I still like him. Unfortunately he will continue to fight with the judges due to his rebellious attitude. I'm fine with and it will probably draw lots of attention. Cloris is a hoot but that will get old soon. They just have her there for the laughs. She'll be gone soon.