Sunday, October 5, 2008

Heroes ...... Huh?

Did Heroes have a hard to follow start this season or is it just me? I watched the last episode last year, but I'm confused. Nikki, she's dead then? I was happy to find out that there isn't a secret clone army of Nikki's on the planet Kamino being developed, just triplettes. Nathan and Peter are Sylar's brothers, all offspring of the creepy Angela Petrelli aka Mommy Dearest? Mohinder is turning into The Fly? He can totally pull that off though. Matt has been teleported to a desert, where he meets some kind of Guru with Guru goop that he eats to see the future?
Can you tell I'm not even trying with this show. I refuse to get sucked into message boards with theories out the wazoo. It happened to me with LOST but not again. If I can't figure out what's going on just by watching every week, instead of joining message boards, playing online games, reading a damn comic book and searching for spoilers then I'm done. Done I tell you!


Beth said...

Good for you! I did the same thing with LOST, that show was seriously in need of someone to explain things to me in the beginning. ;) Since then, I've gotten involved with other detail-heavy shows (like Supernatural), but I don't lurk on message boards looking for enlightenment any more. I figure if a show's details are too hard to follow, then I'm not meant to retain them. LOL!

I also watch Heroes, and I agree that this season got off to a confusing start. Yes, Nikki is dead. But, is the woman we're seeing now the third twin, Barbara? Or is she Nikki's "dead" sister that she talked about in past seasons? See, I'm confused too! ;) The Sylar-as-a-Petrelli-brother completely blind-sided me. "Mommy Dearest" is right, that woman gives me the serious creeps.

I'm willing to stick with Heroes to see where they go with all of this, but I'm not investing much more than 60 minutes per week into it.

Sue said...

You go girl!
I totally forgot about Nikki's dead sister!

Frances said...

Hi! I just had to comment, too! I think this season's Heroes is really weird. I practically go, "What? What just happened there? That needs to be explained!" Soooo annoying. But I'm watching it anyway until I get some answers!