Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Not Joining the Fringe Cult.............Yet.

I'm still watching Fringe, but haven't joined the cult. I know there are secrets and clues but I'm resisting getting involved. I only have time to be entertained, not start a full blown, obsessive investigation to the inner workings of a TV show. I am being entertained, that's why I continue to watch. I'm intrigued on how the relationship between the Mad Scientist, Walter and his son Peter will develop. Walter is stealing the show with his Mad Scientist/Repenting Dad/Kid in a Candy Store character. He can be talking about something as serious as reconstructing some one's DNA while shuffling his feet on the carpet so he can touch Peter on the ear to shock him. "Wool socks." he says. He's exhausting Peter and it's funny as hell.


Jennifer said...

I agree. I've been watching Fringe and I like it. But, I'm not getting crazy with it, like with Lost. I don't discuss it or look online for it or anything.

Another new show that I highly recommend is Life on Mars. Best new show of the year in my estimation.

Beth said...

Oooh, I'm really liking Fringe, too. And considering it's from the creator of LOST, I can see where it might be tempting to get sucked right into all the mysteries. But good for you for resisting, I am too. Interesting though it might be, who has the time to obsess over it?

So, you enjoy both Heroes and Fringe, two of my favorites. Tell me, have you ever given Supernatural a try? :D

Jaya said...

I'm also very much enjoying
this show, one of only a few
that I watch... I can't resist
the subject matter: The Pattern!
And I agree that Walter is the
most interesting character so

penny said...

there are secrets? lol. I wasn't even aware, I watch it online.