Monday, September 22, 2008

Don't Lose Me!

It’s the first day of Fall, the pool is closed and my tan has noticeable faded. All that work for an even tan for the wedding, faded away. I can get rather dark. Especially when I was running around all summer without a care in the world. Actually, back in the day when I was a kid and I went on a family beach vacation with my rather pale friends family. Her mother said to my mother, “Don’t worry if we lose them, they’ll be easy to find. I’ll just ask around if anyone has seen a little black and a little white girl walking around together.” While they all found this hysterical, all I could think was, “Lose me? Lose me amongst all the New Jersey attractions, this is funny to you? Mom? Do you really think you should send me with this woman?” Now that I think of it, with children of my own, yeah it’s funny. You need to put a little fear into them to have them stick close to you in a crowd and we did. And I’m happy to say no one lost me or my lighter shade of pale friend on the Jersey Shore.

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