Tuesday, November 27, 2007

That's it? What the hell?

Dancing With the Stars Review:
What the hell was Marie Osmond doing? Why didn't someone stop her? Isn't Jonathan, her dance partner, a professional dancer? What the hell was that? What was she thinking? Len was disgusted and so was I. Okay, done with my rant. I'll laugh my ass off if Marie Osmond wins. I hope she does.
Was it just me or did this season's final lack something? I just remember the dancing in the finals being better. Did Marie Osmond ruin the finals for me?
Okay let's go on to the next thing I noticed. I love to watch who is in the audience of Dancing With the Stars. Last night all the Spice Girls were there. Did anyone else notice how very little Victoria Beckham was smiling and applauding? Something tells me she likes being the center of attention, it's just a vibe I'm picking up. She didn't look all that impressed.
So tonight is it. Dancing With the Stars will be over, what a drag. This show entertains the hell out of me.

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