Friday, November 30, 2007

Is Maya That Stupid?

Heroes Review:
I had a rough week. My husband and I were both sick and I didn't watch Heroes until Tuesday afternoon. Then I forgot to blog about it. Let's see if I remember anything that happened.
Oh the Mexican twins and Sylar where in this episode. Sylar killed the brother, not by cutting out his brain, just by stabbing him. I don't think he can cut out brains anymore. Or that's what he needs Mohinder for. So Sylar tells the Mexican twin girl, Maya to get control of her abilities so she doesn't need her brother anymore, cuz she's draggin him down. He'd be much better off alone in a foreign country not being able to speak English or better off alone in Mexico where he is wanted for murder. Maya gains control of her abilities and tells her brother to hit the road. That whole scenario is so believable isn't it? Or the writer's, that are on strike now, think we are incredibly stupid. This story line is really annoying me. Now Sylar and Maya are calling Mohinder from Mohinder's very own secret apartment. Sylar tells him he needs to get home now, he's relieved the babysitter and Molly is fine for now. Mohinder and Matt are doing such a great job taking care of Molly aren't they?

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