Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Too Many Characters in House

House Review:
There was a lot going on in this episode. Where to start...........

The patient of the week is a teenage boy who has a huge cyst on his face and his stay in the hospital and re-constructive surgery is being filmed for TV. House stares at the camera, a lot and finds places to hide with his team while trying to diagnose why this kid had heart failure in the operating room right before the reconstructive surgery started.

Cut Throat Bitch, I'm sorry that's what House calls her, is really pissed that the CIA doctor is there. We spoke of her last week, Michael Michelle from ER when I use to watch it. The CIA doctor has nothing to add to the diagnosing, in fact she sucks at it and House is blinded by her beauty. Foreman questions her and basically calls her stupid. House realizes he hired her because she's pretty and fires her. Cut Throat Bitch is ecstatic! Oh and she put some lipstick on for the TV show. Thirteen, that's what House calls the other woman doctor applicant, is the one that properly diagnoses the teenager and he eventually has the reconstructive surgery.

Good episode, I just wish there weren't so many characters. But I'm starting to like Kumar from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and Thirteen. I really want Cut Throat Bitch to be fired, I don't like her.

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