Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Judges want Helio and Mel B

Dancing With The Stars Review:
Clearly the judges are telling us who they want in the final two. Helio and Julianne and Max and Mel B, because the rest of the stars got scores of 8. And at this point in the competition an eight means you suck. It's time for Marie Osmond to go, then Jennie, then Cameron.
Mel B did grab Tom Bergeron's butt after the Judges were done with her. And then again after the second dance and Max copped a feel too. Laughed out Loud while watching it with the dog and I woke her up.
We have been told that Gloria Esteban will be on the drawn out elimination show tonight. Wasn't she suppose to be on a few weeks ago? I must have missed the explanation when I was fast forwarding.
I'm guessing Helio and Julianne will be the encore performance and Jennie will go home, because Marie Osmond has the fans big time.

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