Wednesday, November 7, 2007

House Cures the Secret Agent Man

House Review:
House is such a world renowned doctor that the CIA comes to get him in a helicopter to cure a secret agent man. No one believes him and Cutty thinks he's trying to get out of clinic duty. Of course he cures him because he's House. He's also flirts with a CIA doctor shamelessly. She use to be on ER back when I use to watch it, Michael Michell. House offers her a job or a shot at the job that he's been stringing along all the other applicants for. Cut-Throat Bitch is going to be pissed. We finally got rid of one of the applicants though. Brennan? He has nice eyes. Turns out he was fixing results of the tests that were being run on a patient Foreman was is charge of. Said she had Polio. He has some secret agenda for poor people. Go figure.

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