Monday, November 12, 2007

Where are the Hunks?

The Amazing Race Review:
Grabbed another nickname! There is a Asian team, a dad and his daughter, and one of the other teams called the dad Mr. Miyagi. I don't have a favorite team yet but Mr. Miyagi is on the bottom of the list. He nitpicked and belittled his daughter the whole episode. And when he ran out of things to nag his daughter about he sought out more young folks that needed his utmost wisdom. The guy never shut up.
On one of my message boards, it was pointed out that there is no alpha male team. You know, the hunks of the race? What a drag, I noticed it too and I'm wondering why. The lesbian reverends came in last this week and were eliminated. They didn't seem to be in that much of a hurry, so it was inevitable.


Lynne said...

I totally agree! He was driving me nuts last night and his daughter is going above and beyond maintaining her patience. Even when she let him have it she was very tactful. He better shape up. For her sake I don't want to see them leave either.

Sue said...

I felt so bad for his daughter! And I couldn't believe he started in on the grandson of the grandfather/grandson team!