Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Now We Are Getting Somewhere With Heroes

Heroes Review:
Okay now we're getting somewhere. I don't know why this episode wasn't the season premier. Nathan and Peter flew into the sky to save New York from being blown up, right? Peter can regenerate and Nathan can't, this they realized high in the sky. Gaa! So Peter flies away from a burned up Nathan, blows up, regenerates, catches a now falling Nathan, lands, takes Nathan to a hospital and runs away. Then Bob and the psycho, electrified blond, Elle find him and she zaps him. Peter wakes up in Bob's office, with Elle hanging all over him. Ewww. They want to cure Peter and he's all for it. Peter gets a nice room next to Adam, the guy from ancient Japan. Are you still with me?
Now if you've had a guy locked up for 30 years and put the new guy right next to him with paper thin walls, well you're just asking for trouble. Of course they escape. And then they save Nathan with Adams blood. Nathan is back to his hot self.
Adam and Peter get the hell out of there and run into the Haitian and Electric Elle. Elle goes after Adam and the Haitian after Peter. This is why we find Peter at the beginning of the season handcuffed in a big crate with no memory, cuz the Haitian did it.

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