Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Marie Osmonds Fans Take Her to the Semi-Finals

Dancing With the Stars Elimination Show Review:
Wow, it's going to be interesting to see how far Marie Osmonds fans are going to take her. I thought Jennie would go last night but it was Cameron. Jennie will probably go next week. Why do they keep showing that guy in the audience when Jennie is dancing? He looks familiar and I know he's a television star but I don't know his name, is he her father? I will investigate!

I watched this episode this morning because my husband refuses to watch it and it's on the same time as House. House is one of the very few shows we both like. So I record Dancing With the Stars and at the end of House flip over to see who's done. Then when I watch the episode from the beginning I know who's going and I watch them closely. I really think that they know they are going, but that's just me.

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