Monday, November 26, 2007

Amazingly Boring Race

The Amazing Race Review:
The problem with recording a TV show on a Sunday evening are the football games that precede it. One must take into consideration overtime. I learned this the hard way over the past few years. I make sure Cold Case is recording because it comes on right after The Amazing Race. Thank goodness I did because CBS was behind for like 54 minutes.
Lorena and Jason fell victim to the not so hot blonds, they think they are hot but the husband says they're not and he's a guy so he knows these things. Such a cute couple Lorena and Jason are. But it all started last week when Lorena couldn't get enough milk from the camel and she had a break down. Leaving them to start the race this week in last place.
Those blond bitches "U-Turned them"! I know! The U-Turn is a new one for me, it use to be a yield, I think. But anyway, Lorena and Jason had to go back and do the other task, making them do both of the tasks instead of one.
All and all this episode was kind of a bore. For about 15 combined minutes we had to listen to Lorena and Jason tell us how they weren't giving up and they were in this to win, anything could happen, yada, yada, yada. Enough already.

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